Thursday, April 14, 2016

To You & (the future) Her.

To You: 

You won't understand why, and that's OK. 
I can try to explain but at this point, what's the use? 
Towards the end we weren't seeing eye to eye, at least to me.
Just seemed as if we couldn't place ourselves in each others shoes.
Trying to understand each other ended up being an argument going in circles.
It became exhausting.
You may not feel the same, but I couldn't continue pretending.

One thing needs to be said, I don't regret a minute of our time. 
It has shaped me into the woman I am today. 
I hope you can say the same. 
I don't hate you. 
I will hold on to so many memories and adventures, but now it is time to create adventures and memories, separately.

Learn from what we once had. 
I pray that your next love, you treat her like a queen. 
Cherish every part of her.
Don't change her.
Let her be comfortable around you and feel free.
Love her till the ends of the earth.
I know right now you may feel you can't love like this again,
But you will.
And it'll be stronger then before.
Be the man she needs you to be,
Even if that means filling some big shoes.
Do it for her, because I know she will fall in love with you. 
You hold so many good qualities, how can she not fall in love with you.

I pray about her.
I pray she loves strong and cares even stronger. 
I pray she can comfort you when needed, exactly how you need it. 
I pray her heart is so captivated in God's hands that you have to dive into a deeper relationship with Him to get to her.
I pray that she accepts every part of you, 
and that you, accept every part of her.
I pray that your family loves her as much as you will.
I pray you never have to go through the madness & nonsense of feeling like you have to choose between her and your family. 
No relationship should have to go through that.
We went through things that no couple or relationship should have to go through,
things I will never forget.
I pray you two never go through that.
I pray that everyday you make her feel beautiful.
I pray you find the time to focus on her and make her feel like she's undeniably loved by you.
I pray you never lose that focus & drive to love her more.
I know you can.

To Her:

I already know, he makes you happy.
Makes you smile, laugh and at times you feel like you're a kid again.
Happy, excited, without a care in the world.
Hold on tight to that.
He's a good guy.
Encourage him always.
Tell him words of affirmation and make him feel loved.
If you happen to fight or argue,
hear him out.
Though I know it can be tough, try and see each others points of view.
Focus in on each others best moments, not the worst moments.
Inspire him in every aspect of his life.
Help him chase the dreams and goals he has.
He has the potential to be someone great.

You're something new to him,
maybe something even a little bit scary.
Hold his hand and guide him along the way into this new romance.
Reassure him that "this" (you and him), is different.
Pray for him and pray with him.
Make that a must.
Take every part of your relationship with him,
to our God.
Make God the center.
His plans are far greater then our own.

Always be honest with him, tell him your thoughts and how you feel about him.
He deserves to hear it.
Bring out the best in one another,
you'll fall more in love with each other if you do.

I don't know you,
and I may never know you,
but you must be something special.
So know,
that you probably are something special to him.


"Tell Her You Love Her"